Masonic Lodge Administration

The Worshipful Master has a large part to play in Lodge Administration. He is responsible for every facet of the lodge. He oversees all and is responsible for the smooth running of the Lodge.

Duties of Lodge officers vary, but they are quite similar for most Masonic Lodge jurisdictions. This is because Lodge organization and structure is identical in most Masonic Jurisdictions. Every Lodge Officer in the Masonic Lodge has specific responsibilities.   

The Worshipful Master: As said earlier, the Worshipful Master has a lot to do in ensuring that the Lodge Administration is as smooth as possible. It is necessary that a Worshipful Master is aware of all his duties as well as the duties of other Lodge Officers.

Lodge Officers: The Worshipful Master is responsible for assigning most Lodge Officers to Lodge Committees. Lodge Officers are expected to read more about their duties on this blog, so they can get more information on how to carry out their duties perfectly.  

We’ll talk more about Lodge Administration with blog posts on various Lodge Committees. We’ve already discussed the Masonic Preparation Committee and the Masonic Budget Committee before.

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