Masonic Rings

Masonic rings make powerful statements about those wearing them.

The Meaning of Masonic Rings

Why are Masonic rings worn by Master Masons?

Masonic rings are worn by Master Masons as a sign that they are bound to their obligation, a promise made of their own free will before the Great Architect of the Universe as well as brothers, friends and families signifying their true and sincere desire to be bound with the Brotherhood in unity forever.

The Freemason Promise

Freemasons have promised to be bound in unity with their brothers. It is a promise they made before the Great Architect of the Universe.

Among Freemasons, the only thing that sets a Freemason apart from other men is his promise, his obligation, his oath, his sincere desire upon his word. This is what binds him to the fraternity. Technically, he is free to leave the fraternity whenever he wants.

The Great Architect of the Universe has given us Free Will and so does the Freemason Fraternity too.

The Cable Tow Symbolism                                                                                                   

The Masonic Rings worn by Master Masons are a visible sign of the Cable Tow that binds them to the fraternity and the fraternity to them. It expresses the sincere desire and need of every man to be part of a group that shares similar ideologies and purposes with him.  

Seal of Authenticity

Masonic rings serve as outward signs of authenticity as a Master Mason within a brotherhood.

The Promise

It is in the act of promise before the Creator and Great Architect that the Freemason brotherhood gets its real strength and beauty.

When did Freemason rings start to be worn?

The exact moment can’t be ascertained, but they have been worn for some time.

How should a Masonic ring be worn? Is it with the points of the compasses legs facing away from the wearer or the points of the compasses leg facing the wearer?

The Masonic Service Association of North America (M.S.A.N.A.) says that the ring could be worn in any way. The 2 points of the compasses may point inwards to the brother to remind him of his obligation. The compasses legs may also point outwards to show others the authenticity of the ring wearer as a Master Mason. In history, the Masonic Signet ring has been displayed outwards.

Why are most Masonic Rings gold?

Gold has always been a high valued metal. Throughout history, gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power. Most Masonic rings are gold as a sign of the high value and power that gold is regarded with. You can learn more about this on Bricks Masons blog post about gold Masonic rings.

Which symbol can be found on Masonic rings?

The most visible symbol on Masonic rings is the Square and Compasses.

What does the Square and Compasses symbol mean?

The square and compasses symbol is related to a lot of Masonic ideologies. Just like Jachin and Boaz, they depict two triangles. One triangle point upwards to the Heavens towards the Creator while the other triangle points downwards towards Earth and to man, the creation of the Creator.

Apart from the Master Mason ring, are there other types of Masonic rings?

Yes, there are other types of Masonic rings available. These rings have various faces and are created in various styles by different craftsmen. Apart from the Master Mason rings, there are also rings for Masonic Military, Knights Templar, Past Masters, Shrine, Scottish Rite, Eastern Star Rings and more.

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