Masonic Wages

The ancient Masons were paid in wine, corn and oil. In operative Freemasonry, the Master was paid the highest wages, and he was paid in wine, corn, oil and coin of the realm sometimes. Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft wages were paid less than the Master, and they were paid in meat and drink.

Wages of A Speculative Freemason    

We speculative freemasons are not paid in coins. Instead, we earn our rewards by helping others with our time, being kind, and being of service to others. We visit the sick and the widows, help others and do other things to help them.

The Bible has told us: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Wine, Corn and Oil

Wine, corn and oil are Masonic elements of consecration. They are symbols whose adoption has been supported by the highest antiquity. These three are the most important exports of some Eastern countries, and they contributed a lot to their wealth. They were seen as a significant support to their livelihood and also as a source of refreshment for the people.

Even King David spoke of wine, corn and oil in the Bible. He regarded them among the greatest blessings a man could receive.     

Psalm 104;15, ’And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth man's heart.’

Anointing with Oil

Before a man or other things were dedicated to religious use, they were anointed with oil. Anointing with oil was an important ceremony among the Israelites. To this day, Christians still believe in anointing with oil.

Aaron and his sons who became priests were anointed with oil as part of their ordination. The kings of Israel and the prophets were also consecrated to their offices by anointing them with oil. The tabernacle in the wilderness and every holy vessel were anointed with oil as commanded by God.

Freemason Lodges are also consecrated with oil, wine and corn. Wine, corn and oil reminds us that we should continuously be refreshed with God’s word and nourished with righteousness and start to rejoice with joy unspeakable on the riches of divine grace.       

In the pilgrimage of life, we are to feed the hungry ones with part of our bread and give sorrowful people a cup of wine to cheer them up. Also, we are to pour healing oil into the wounds that sickness had made in the bodies of acquaintances or their hearts.

Oil: Kings, High Priests and prophets were anointed with oil in Biblical times. On festive occasions, they were also anointed with oil.

Wine: The Wine of refreshment is a reminder of the eternal refreshment that good people receive in the future life after they have performed their godly duties well on earth.

Corn: Corn is carried on a golden pitcher and wine and oil are placed in silver vessels as a reminder that corn is essential and that it is of more importance and worthy of more honor than wine and oil which are mere comforts.

Your white lambskin Masonic apron is a symbol reminding us that we must have a pure heart and upright conduct to earn our rightful Masonic wages.

We earn our final wages after we leave this world and exist in a house that is not built by hands and we’ll receive our due Masonic wages for a life well-spent doing the will of the Master Architect.

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