The Knights Templar and the Star Wars Saga

The Knights Templar inspired the Star Wars Saga. When you read this sentence, it's hard to make sense of it. The first one is a religious order, and the second one is a science-fiction series, so what is the connection between them?

George Lucas's famous sci-fi that is set in another galaxy was, in fact, inspired by real-life stories. The storyline contains elements of old movies, mysticism, and also theology. The clothes worn by Nazi German warriors in world war II, for instance, inspired Darth Vader's helmet. Likewise, Adolf grew from a chancellor to a dictator, while Palpatine grew from the chancellor to the emperor. We can also find elements in Star Wars from Ancient Rome, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War.

A story in particular that happened a long time ago set the Saga's social and political basis. Even though the Jedi, who maintains the peace law in the republic, bears similarities with the Japanese samurais and monks, the personality also resembles the order of the Knights Templar. Much like the Knights, the Jedi has devotion, moral superiority, and purity. The Templars also lived a minimalistic life with little money even though they followed an order with great wealth and sources. Moreover, the Jedi and the Templars are both governed by a council composed of 12 members. Even his clothes echo the while mantles worn by the order's members who took chastity and obedience vows. Into the bargain, the fall down of the order after King Philip executed many members resembles the purge Palpatine ordered against the Jedi.

The Saga's fame results from a well-assembled storyline and an interesting plot, inspired by political, historical, and social events that shook planet earth. Many components of the Saga copy the Knights Templar, the Christian order that marked history and inspired the legend of King Arthur's Holy Grail.

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