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A Masonic Lodge is an assembly of Freemasons who are authorized to by a warrant or charter from a Grand lodge.  A lodge room or lodge is a room that is specially furnished for the members of the Masonic Lodge to meet.

The Masonic Lodge and most other things about Freemasonry are not secret things. There is not much that goes on within the Lodge that is secret apart from the ritual, the grips, signs and passwords. Most of the things you’ve heard about Freemasonry are false.  

Freemasons are consistently reminded of their duty to improve themselves so they can honor God with their talents and be of better service to their fellow men. Freemasons should strive to be more than ordinary men who settle for a mediocre existence.

Thankfully, we are in the internet age, and blogs like this one that are run by Members of the Freemason fraternity can provide better information about the Brotherhood. There are other sources like good books that will provide more information about Freemasonry. It is good for Freemasons to study these various materials to learn more about the noble Brotherhood and be of better service to the Brotherhood.

Types of Lodges

We have the regular lodge, clandestine lodge and irregular lodge.

Regular Lodge

Regularity is a process whereby one Grand lodge recognize another Grand lodge so that formal interaction can occur at the level of the Grand Lodge and visitation can be made by members of other Freemason jurisdictions.

The largest assemblage of Grand Lodges that mutually recognize each other all get their regularity from the UGLE or the United Grand Lodge of England. The United Grand Lodge of England is the largest and oldest group of lodges.

Irregular Lodge

An irregular lodge is one that has a charter from a Grand lodge, but its Grand lodge is not recognized by other Grand lodges.  

Clandestine Lodge

A clandestine lodge is a lodge that does not have a proper charter from any Grand lodge.       

The Worshipful Master of the Lodge

The Worshipful Master is an honorable person who is held in high esteem by members of the Masonic lodge. A Worshipful Master is someone that is full of faith, worship and respect. He is well-respected by other lodge members because of the strength of his faith in His creator.


In this section, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about the Masonic lodge.


Q: Are all Freemasons Christians?

A: No. Freemasonry is a Brotherhood and not a subset of any religion. The Freemasonry Brotherhood teaches members to be faithful to their religion and have a belief in a Supreme Being or God.

Q: Can a gay become a Freemason?

A: Yes. The Brotherhood accepts all men regardless of their sexual orientation. But the lodge members of the lodge that you want to join might have some negative feelings about homosexuality. You can petition another lodge instead.

Q: Can I become a Freemason as a Mormon?

A: Yes, Mormons can become Freemasons.

Q: Can I become a Freemason as a Catholic?

A: Yes, Freemason accepts all men regardless of their religious denomination. You can check with your church to know what they feel about you becoming a Mason.


Q: Do Freemasons worship the devil, sacrifice animals and practice other similar things?

A: No. All that information is false. Freemasons are Christians, Muslims and members of other religions. They do not engage in practices that are contrary to their religion. We are morally upright men that do our best to please our Creator. No Masonic Lodge tolerates improper and violent acts.

Q: How can I know the Masonic affiliation of a dead relative of mine?

A: The first thing you need to do is to contact the lodge where he was a member. You can contact the grand lodge in his state or country if you can get enough information from his lodge.

How To Find a Masonic Lodge in Your Vicinity

You can check the telephone book or perform a Google search for the Grand Lodge in your state. Each Grand Lodge has a website that will point you to subordinate lodges. Use this to find lodges in areas that are close to you. You can also call their contact number. If you see a Freemason wearing a Masonic ring or with a Masonic sticker on his car bumper, you can ask him.

When you join, and you become a Master Mason, you can join other appendage bodies like the Knights Templar. You can even request for a tour of the Masonic Lodge.  

If you are a woman, you can look for women-only Masonic lodges.

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