The Masonic Third Degree

The Masonic third degree is the Master Mason degree. There is no degree that is higher than this in Freemasonry. The Masonic third degree is not a college degree that can be obtained via the internet. It is not an accredited degree. It can only be gotten at Masonic Lodges.

Even though you can’t get the Masonic third degree via the internet, you can read up information relating to it on the internet through blogs and websites like this one.

The Masonic third degree or Master Mason degree is the start of continuing education. The source of this knowledge is majorly from Masonic books as there are not many Masonic courses that you can find around.

Programs that will be studied during instructor-led Masonic education classes

The following programs are studied during instructor-led Masonic continuing education classes.

Masonic Rituals: Masonic rituals involve lessons on the Bible from which Freemason has its roots. There are Freemasons whose area of specialization is Masonic rituals. These Freemasons choose to focus on Masonic rituals and learning as much as they can about it.

Many of these people go on to become Masonic lecturers who pass on their wealth of knowledge to other Brothers. They help other Brothers to learn rituals, and they can become District Deputy Grand Lecturers whose role is to teach Masonic education to all the lodges located in their district.

If you want to become a Masonic educator, then you will like this program.     

Fraternal Brotherhood: A lot of Brothers became Freemason for the social aspect and the fellowship that they get when connecting with other Brothers. Many think it’s a great experience to have a good, solid brotherhood.

Masonic Charity: Members of the Freemason Brotherhood actively participate in Masonic charities and give to various causes.

Masonic Participation: There are several ways that Freemason Brothers can serve in the Brotherhood. Some serve on the Stewards’ Committee where they wait on other Brothers as some have previously waited on them. In the Steward’s Committee, Freemasons will learn how to help the Brotherhood as a sideliner in degree work until they can help in the work. Simple acts like attending Special and Stated Meetings, bringing friends and families to Masonic public events, visiting ill Brothers, and others go a long way in supporting the Brotherhood. Masonic research is also a good way of participating in Masonic activities.  

Lodge Officers: Lodge Officers often oversee the running of Lodges. It is a gradual path towards becoming a Worshipful Master, having their office chair ‘sit in the East.’ Lodge officers see to lodge operations involving budget and audits, and they perform all ritual works associated with their office positions. They ensure that Lodges remain peaceful and harmonious.

The Masonic Third Degree as A Lifelong Study

A college degree will only take a few years of your life. But a Masonic Third Degree is one in which you will continue to receive lessons on it for the rest of your life. But, there is something similar to both degrees. A college degree will prepare you for a career in your field of study. A Masonic Third Degree will enrich you both spiritually and materially preparing you to uphold the tenets of the Brotherhood for the rest of your life.

The Journey

Freemason is a fraternity that takes its principles from the Bible. It is deeply rooted in a belief in the Supreme Creator. He is known by various names. But no matter what name He is called, Freemasonry revolves around him.

The universal Brotherhood started in the Bible. Freemasonry is deeply spiritual, and members are not told how to believe or what to believe. Your belief is spiritual without specific methods. Your religion is part of who you are. The Master Mason Third Degree won’t change your religion but enhance it. It builds upon your faith in God, your creator.

The Masonic Virtues

The Masonic virtues are not mere words. They are deep virtues practiced by every Freemason. The masonic virtues are faith, hope, prudence, tolerance and charity.

The Masonic Ring of a Master Mason That Has Attained the Third Degree

After you have attained your Masonic Third Degree, you can buy a Master Masonic Ring. The Master Masonic Ring will serve to remind you of your faith in your creator, your belief and promise to uphold the Masonic tenets of Brotherly Love, Truth and Relief, your moral boundaries and duties, and your continuing education.


A Master Mason degree can’t be received online like a college degree, but it can help guide you as you serve your fellow Brothers and humanity in the Brotherhood. It is a degree that will bring you lifelong rewards.  


Ed Mooney

Ed Mooney

Just appointed to Senior Deacon of Greenville 284 in the state of North Carolina. This was very helpful.
Ed Mooney

Just appointed to Senior Deacon of Greenville 284 in the state of North Carolina. This was very helpful.
Ed Mooney

Atif Khalil

Atif Khalil

Love to seek knowledge

Love to seek knowledge

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