The Most Epic Templar Battles

The Knights Templar is known as the fierce warriors who took part in many Crusades. The monks were trained for horsemanship and spent most of their time preparing for war. They also had war tactics that helped them win battles and spread the word of God. These are the most epic battles in the history of the Knights Templar: 

  1. The Battle of Montgisard: It was fought between the Kingdom of Jerusalem led by the Crusaders and the Ayyubids led by Saladin. The battle was a disaster for the Muslim army. It was a decisive battle in the history of The Crusaders in which Saladin, the king of Egypt and Syria, failed to capture Jerusalem. The exact number of casualties remains unknown, but it is said that only one-tenth of the Muslim army returned to Egypt. Although the Battle of Montgisard marked the history of the Crusaders, it was the last of success. 
  2.  The Battle of Hattin: it is one of the most significant battles for the Crusaders and for medieval history. Unlike the Battle of Montgisard, this one ended in favor of the Muslim army led by Saladin. For the Crusaders and the Templars who were in front of brown, it was a disaster. The Christian fatalities were so high that even the defense of the entire Kingdom fell apart, which resulted in the loss of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The battle occurred in 1187.
  3. The Battle of Tomar: The castle was built in Portugal in 1160 by the Knights Templar. It was the headquarters of the order for years. In the twelfth century, Al-Mohads, a dynasty from Morocco. As they controlled parts in the South of Spain, they crossed to Portugal and surrounded the Tomar. Despite being outnumbered by Al-Mohads, The Knights Templar fought fiercely and held up six days. Finally, the Knights won in a counterattack. 


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