Famous Knights Templar Figures

The Knights Templar is one of the most noteworthy and influential monastic orders in history. They were involved in the Crusades, trading, and also banking. They appeared in Jerusalem and vanished after it was captured by the Muslim armies.

The Templars included wealthy and noble members of the society. In many countries, they had the admiration of the monarchy and the papacy.

Here is a list of the most famous and influential Templars:

Afonso I, the first King of Portugal: Known as the Conqueror, Afonso spent most of his time in the war with the Moors. He had a great admiration towards the Knights Templar and offered many donations to the order.

Geoffroi de Charney is a French Knight who dedicated his life to the Templars. He was the Preceptor of Normandy in France. He was accepted from a very young age in the order. Geoffroi, along with other Knights, was burned at stake by the King of France, who accused the order of heresy.

Hugues de Payens is perhaps one of the most famous members of the monastic order. He co-founded the order with Bernard of Clairvaux. They also write the Latin Rule, which comprises all the rules and the regulations that the Templars lived by. He served as a Grand Master for twenty years and helped build the order as the strong military and financial institution it became.

Bernard of Clairvaux is considered as the Templars saint. He outlined the Rule, which soon after became the code for Christian nobility.

The names mentioned above are just some examples of important figures in history who joined the order and dedicated their lives to it. The Knights Templar had a great influence in the Holy Land and Europe for over two centuries and had direct connections with kings, noblemen, and the church.

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